Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (2008–2013)

The following universities were funded through the Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (PSAAP) from 2008–2013.

Academic Strategic Alliance Program (1997–2010)

The Academic Strategic Alliance Program (ASAP) centers focused on bringing to conclusion the work pursued under the earlier phase of the Alliances program to demonstrate the utility of large-scale computational simulations for solving challenging, multi-physics applications on ASC high-performance computing platforms.

ASAP centers:

The following documents are valid only as a historical record of the creation, early development, and implementation of the ASAP.

ASC Alliance Site Visits

The following presentations were made to ASC Alliances during annual site visits.

July 2011

October 2009

October 2006

September 2005

September 2004

August 2003