The FastForward 1 process awarded $62.5M in contracts to five (now four) U.S. companies. Proposals were evaluated by representatives from DOE and seven NNSA labs—Argonne (ANL), Los Alamos (LANL), Lawrence Berkeley (LBNL), Lawrence Livermore (LLNL), Oak Ridge (ORNL), Pacific Northwest (PNNL), and Sandia (SNL).

Company Contract Award R&D Scope
AMD Advanced Research $12,600,000 Processor/Memory
IBM Corporation $10,476,714 Memory
Intel Federal LLC $18,963,437 Processor/Memory
NVIDIA Corporation $12,398,893 Processor
Whamcloud Inc. (now Intel Federal LLC) $7,996,053 Storage and I/O

Individual vendor presentations from the NNSA ASC 2014 PI Meeting, held on February 27, 2014, are available under Vendor News.