HPC Operations Review Meeting

November 5–6, 2013

This meeting, requested by ASC and ASCR, will cover the processes and practices for high performance computer (HPC) integration and the related software and facilities. Experiences and lessons learned from the most recent systems deployed will be reviewed to benefit the deployment of new systems. The results of this review will be documented in a report deliverable to NNSA/ASC and SC/ASCR HQ.

The subject experts attending this meeting are from the six DOE laboratories involved in collaborative procurements for the next generation of HPC systems. Each new generation of systems presents challenges in all aspects of deployment, including making the systems productive for the user community. Understanding the best practices of other laboratories will be beneficial to all.

The HPC Operations Review Meeting final report provides a meeting overview, lists the technical topics discussed in breakout sessions, and summarizes common themes from the breakout sessions.