Current ASC at LLNL Collaborations


CORAL, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between ASC (LLNL) and ASCR (Oak Ridge, Argonne) culminated in three pre-exascale HPC systems delivered in 2017. For more information:


FastForward, a DOE initiative between seven national laboratories and four companies to accelerate the development of next-generation supercomputers vital to national defense, scientific research, energy security, and the nation's economic competitiveness. 


A jointly funded collaboration between DOE Office of Science and NNSA (and led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) to initiate partnerships with multiple companies to accelerate the R&D of critical technologies needed for extreme scale computing, on the path toward exascale computing, and seeking to fund innovative new and/or accelerated R&D of technologies targeted for productization in a 5–10 year timeframe. Five DesignForward Interconnect projects were awarded in November 2013 to the following companies: AMD, Cray, IBM, Intel, and NVIDIA.


Co-Design is a coordinated co-design strategy that focuses on the unique needs of the ASC program while leveraging the work of the ASCR centers. Read more about co-design at LLNL and how co-design facilitates partnering with with industry.