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Instiitute for Terascale Simulation - Established in October 1999 and housed within CASC, the ASC Institute for Terascale Simulation (ITS) sponsors in-house research and collaborative research with academia in areas of computer science, computational mathematics, and scientific computing relevant to the Stockpile Stewardship Program. It brings leading academicians and their students to LLNL on sabbaticals, summer visits, and short-term visits, to work with Laboratory researchers on the challenging problems of ASC. The ITS currently concentrates on scalable numerical algorithms, parallel programming paradigms, and scientific data exploration—all with an emphasis on scalability to tens of thousands of processors.


Center for Applied Scientific Computing - The Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC) conducts collaborative scientific investigations that utilize the power of high-performance computers and the efficiency of modern computational methods. Research and development activities are applications-driven and focus on Department of Energy programmatic objectives that require advanced computational technologies. Core competencies include high-performance computing, numerical mathematics, computational physics, algorithm development, and scientific data management and visualization.


Institute for Scientific Computing Research - The mission of the Institute for Scientific Computing Research (ISCR) is to foster collaborations between LLNL and academic researchers in the areas of scientific computing, computer science, and computational mathematics. The ISCR is jointly administered by the LLNL's University Relations Program (URP) and CASC, and this joint relationship also expresses its mission.

The ISCR is the administrative host and technical matchmaker for several dozen summer or year-round graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and visiting faculty. The ISCR also has substantial collaborations with UC researchers that take place on UC campuses as well as in residence at the Lab. Many of these research collaborations are centered on the Laboratory's unique computational facilities, which include the world's most powerful general-purpose scientific supercomputer.

The ISCR also administers the university portion of the ASC ITS, which sponsors technical workshops and short courses, a distinguished lecturer series, and summer tutorials for graduate students. An extensive externally networked ISCR cost-effectively expands the level and scope of national computational science expertise available to the Laboratory, while disseminating the Laboratory's own contributions to the national community.


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