Group of people with framed plaque

LLNL, NNSA, and IBM officials celebrated their nearly two decade partnership, which produced three top ranked supercomputers and award winning computational science.
[LLNL video, 870 MB]

Sequoia IT worker

A member from the IBM install team works on the ASC Sequoia computer during installation at LLNL.
[high resolution image of installation, 6.6 MB]

Colorful computer generated bubbles

Reynolds number effects on Rayleigh–Taylor instability with possible implications for type Ia supernovae.
[R-T video, 120 MB]

Underflooring for Sequoia machine

The Sequoia machine required additional supports to be added to the facility. The finished machine weighs about the same as 30 adult elephants.
[Sequoia high resolution image, 4.5 MB]

Racks of the Sequoia system installed

The 96 racks of the Sequoia system installed and integration ongoing.
[Sequoia high resolution image, 7.5 MB]

Sequoia cooling system

The Sequoia machine is 91% liquid cooled and 9% air cooled.